Earlier this year, we talked about the reasons to believe in Jesus in our series “Why I Am a Christian.” 

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This new series asks a new question: if I do believe in Jesus, how should I live? What does the Christian life look like? According to Jesus, it’s not that complicated.  In Mark 12:28-34, he sums it up this way: Love God, and love people. 

Join us this Lent season as we look at how we can live the Christian life by loving God and loving people.

March 8, 2015

Speaker: Wes Dahl

March 29, 2015 - Palm Sunday

Testimonies & Baptism

March 15, 2015

Speaker: Wes Dahl

April 5, 2015 - Easter Sunday

Speaker: Wes Dahl

March 22, 2015

Speaker: Wes Dahl


April 12, 2015

Speaker: Wes Dahl

New Sermon Series "Philippians" begins