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Ecclesiastes 16x9Does life have meaning? Do all our intentions and efforts amount to anything? Will we find fulfillment and significance, or is life like a treadmill where we labour and sweat and go nowhere?

Three thousand years ago, a man who called himself the Teacher decided to turn his whole life into an experiment to try and answer these fundamental questions of human existence. He was surpassingly wise, wealthy, and powerful, and for decades he poured himself into this quest to understand the human condition.

The answers he found may surprise you. He wrote them down, and they’re part of the Bible now. It’s a book called Ecclesiastes.

Testimonies & Baptism

Fear God

  • Ecclesiastes 5:1-7, 18-20; 11:7-12:14
  • Speaker: Dave Navarro
  • Communion


  • Please join us for a special service as we celebrate Jesus' Resurrection! We will be serving traditional Paska (Easter Bread) during coffee time after the service.

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