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Growing up in my family, I thought frozen orange juice was an extravagant luxury. We only had it with breakfast on Christmas morning and a few other special times in the year. My mother would get out different glasses and look carefully as she poured it to make sure there was exactly the same amount in each glass. And seconds were never offered. It was a rare treat. That is just the way things were!

And then . . . I got married! Money was tight. And to my astonishment and horror, Carol bought several cans of frozen orange juice. Had she lost her grip on reality? What was she thinking? It was like nothing I had ever seen before! Honestly, it took me a while to accept that the way I saw things might not be accurate.

We all tend to judge reality based on our previous experiences. Like the apostles in the book of Acts, we are stuck in a rut and don’t know it or can’t imagine something different. So what does it take for God to change our beliefs and actions? Perhaps, we need more than a lecture about how different things could be. Sometimes, God has to serve us orange juice!

Please join me as we explore the book of Acts together. Pastor Brad Julihn

May 1, 2022


Guest Speaker: John Johnstone


May 8th

Acts 16:
A Lost World

Speaker: Brad Julihn

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May 15th

Acts 18:
When It's Not Going Well

Speaker: Brad Julihn

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May 22nd

Acts 17:
A Relevant Gospel

Speaker: Darrel Schmidt

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May 29th

Acts 19:
The Door of Opportunity

Speaker: Brad Julihn

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