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We add a prefix to a word to change the meaning. It may be hyphenated or it may just become a new word by itself. One such prefix is “RE”. It adds the sense of “doing something again”. We all have memories, but when we “REmember” we RE-visit a memory. We “focus” on a variety topics, but we “RE-focus” when we RE-engage in that topic again.


The REstrictions of the pandemic stopped much of our contact with one another and limited ministry in unexpected ways. But this summer is a time to RE-ignite, to RE-imagine, and to Re-start the ministries of South Langley Church.


So please RE-charge, RE-connect, and REjoice as we REturn to SLC for our Summer Sermon Series – THE “RE” SERIES! 

June 27th

Nehemiah Pt 10:
It's a Little Thing, Really

Speaker: Brad Julihn
Nehemiah 9-10

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& Reflection Questions

July 4th

Nehemiah Pt 11:
A Question of Sacrifice

Speaker: Brad Julihn
Nehemiah 11-12

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& Reflection Questions

July 11th

Nehemiah Pt 12:
Listening to the King

Speaker: Brad Julihn
Nehemiah 12-13

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& Putting into Practice

July 18th

New Sermon Series:
RE-focusing Our All

Darrel Schmidt


July 25th

Living Missionally

Guest Speaker:
Randy Wollf