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He is Risen!


According to the scriptures, nothing seems to change in the world on the day that Jesus rose from grave. Rome didn’t stop being in power. The religious leaders who asked for a crucifixion didn’t lose their jobs. It took a while before the followers of Jesus stopped hiding for their lives in a room together. It was all very small at first. So small that you’d think it wasn’t any kind of event at all." Artist's statement

You are invited to experience the Stations of the Resurrection at South Langley Church. This unique art installation (by Scott Erickson) will be available to visit on April 4, 5 or 6. Come any time between 10am and 4pm or 7pm and 9pm and stay for as long as you like. Coffee provided.

Reflect and prepare for Easter.


Please join us for a special Easter Service!

Sunday, April 9th at 10am


Following the service we invite you to stay

for some coffee & Paska

(traditional Mennonite-Ukrainian Easter bread). 

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