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Altitude Kids Camp


Get ready to have a rockin' adventure this summer with Everest and Roxie as they

learn about the Beatitudes while hanging out at Altitude, the base camp and climbing show of the

Anaconda Mountain Range!

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Altitude Kids Camp

At Altitude – the basecamp and climbing store of the Anaconda Mountain Range, kids will explore the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount, as Jesus taught us how we should live our lives.

For 8 weeks kids will be emerged in the basecamp Altitude and learning alongside employees Everest Cliff and Roxie Hitch. 

Kids will be able to watch three videos a week online! This includes a skit video, a bible teaching video and a hands-on experiment video. They also will be able to participate in memorable activities through the help of our resource materials and weekly online Altitude activity guide!

Optional In-Person Sessions

We’re excited to offer three weekly in-person sessions throughout the summer as well. These sessions will be held outside (or inside in our large Gym space, if weather is an issue), and will follow a physically distancing plan which has been approved by the South Langley Church council.

In-Person Sessions will be held:
Tuesday afternoons (1:00 pm – 3:00 pm)
Friday mornings (9:30 am – 11:30 am)

Beautiful Landscape


Altitude Kids Camp

Week 8

Roxie is right!

At our last week of Altitude Base Camp and Climbing Shop, Everest asks Roxie to watch the radio again. After weeks of training, Roxie knows just what to do when Cam and Grigri call in, even though she thinks she’ll get in trouble for it. Roxie has learned a lot during her time at Altitude, and hopefully you have too!

bible story

hands-on video